Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Texas Crazy Weather!

We never know what to expect when it comes to the weather in Texas! Recently, we had small snow flurries on Monday, 80 degree weather on Tuesday, it cooled down on Wednesday, and snowed like crazy on Thursday. We had early release from school on Thursday because of the snow and NO SCHOOL on Friday. We got at least 7 inches of snow! We didn't take any pictures at our house but here are some pictures of the snow at our daughter, Julie's house.

New Years Day

We spent New Years Day, B.J.'s Birthday, at Rocky and Kristie Johnson's house with the whole family. Kristie made B.J. his favorite cake - yellow cake with chocolate icing. It has been an ongoing tradition that Kristie and B.J. fight over the corners so this year Kristie cut the corners off and hid them in the cabinet before giving B.J. the cake. Once he found them, he decided to get her back by licking every single piece. It's always interesting with those two!

Pictures of the Kids

Jeremy, Josh, Chris, and Julie took pictures to give us for Christmas. Here are some of them!

Christmas 2007

We had a blast at Christmas. The Jim and Jim production at church was a big hit! Chris and Jerry, "Jim and Jim" did an awesome job and over 2000 people came to Paradise, Texas for the craziest Christmas show ever. 57 people committed their lives to Christ which was phenomenal! God is good ALL the time! The last show was on Christmas Eve so we decided to stay home for Christmas this year. Jeremy, Julie, Josh, Chris, and Jean spent Christmas day with us. We had a great time!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

San Diego

We just got back from San Diego, California where we celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary. We rented a red Mustang Convertible (B.J.'s dream car) for the week, went snorkeling, went to the San Diego zoo, and enjoyed a dinner cruise on our anniversary. We had a blast and will definately try to go back! We hope you enjoy our pictures!